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february already?
white people can do dreds
hey guys! happy valentine's day! i hope that wherever you are, you are celebrating love. we're all loved by someone and we all love other people, and that's something really beautiful to celebrate. i love that once a year, we make a point of celebrating love. we celebrate so many other things throughout the year that are religious and political, and it's nice to celebrate something even more real, more visceral, more natural -- love.

i love all of you.

i can't believe it's february already. mid-february, no less. weren't we just celebrating the new year? i haven't been on lj in several weeks. life has been very, very full. i have been doing a lot of traveling for work. i have told jilly i'm moving back to san diego in june, and she took it really well. she was really excited for me. more importantly, while i've been stressing about telling her and leaving her in the lurch without a roommate, she's been thinking how nice it would be to eventually live alone. so it worked out really well. she's already talking about roadtripping out to sd to visit me this fall.

dave's parents didn't take the news so well, for a bunch of complicated reasons that i don't want to take the time to flesh out, but in the end, what they want doesn't matter at all. they left here long before i did and while i still love them, i owe them nothing.

i have been on a perfume-buying binge lately. and soaps. oh, lovely, yummy-scented soaps! you all should smell my bedroom and my bathroom. it smells so girly!

have any of you read any good books lately? i have been so busy with work that there's been no time for fun reading. i'm looking for some good suggestions.

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It's funny how we dread to do certain things and they always are not as bad as we anticipated! Shame his parents didn't go as well, but you are totally right.

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