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white people can do dreds
i woke up early today and took chester for a walk down to dog beach. there aren't usually a lot of people or dogs down there early in the morning, which makes it even more fun for both of us. there was just a small handful of people and dogs running around there. chester hit it off with a goofy-looking shepherd mix and the two of them romped around together, sniffed around the jetties together, and then ran into the waves and splashed around together. i love watching dogs make friends. they don't go through the same awkward social small talk stages we humans do. they sniff each other butts and right they decide if they like each other or not and if they do, then they act as if they've been friends all their lives. the shepherd mix belonged to a young guy, maybe in his late-teens or early-twenties. he was really cute and very awkward as we stood together and watched our dogs play. i could tell he was uncomfortable standing with a strange lady on the beach and knowing our dogs were hitting it off, but we didn't know what to say to each other. if we'd met on surfboards in the waves, he'd have been in his element and known exactly what to say to me. the thing i found interesting is i didn't mind. i didn't have a need to talk to the kid. i was fine just watching our dogs enjoy their time together. i didn't feel the need to make friends. i was okay just being two humans existing in the same space for a chunk of time. it would have been really nice if he wouldn't have felt so awkward about it. maybe it's just personality differences, but i'm thinking that with age, perhaps i've learned to not only be a little more comfortable in my own skin, but also more comfortable with how i fit in with my environment. this morning, it wasn't about me; it was about chester and his new dog-friends. it was their time, not the surfer-boy's or mine.


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