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white people can do dreds
my uncle was taken to the hospital yesterday for pain in his chest. dad called me and i dropped everything and headed over to meet them. at the admission desk was a male nurse who looked remarkably familiar, but i couldn't place him. he looked at me and there was a moment of awkwardness, as I could tell he recognized me too, but couldn't place me. i told him i was looking for my uncle and gave his name -- the last name happens to be the same as mine. the guy at the front desk smiled as it dawned on him who i was, but i still had no idea who he was. the guy was named craig and i knew him from my old coffee house days in the mid-'90s. i used to bum around all the coffe houses from lestat's to claire de lune to java joe's and a few in university heights whose names i don't recall anymore, and it was always the same group of local indie music/caffeine junkies who hung out at the various coffee houses. i don't recall ever meeting craig, he was just always there, like part of the scenery, and i don't know when we learned each other's names or first spoke, it's as if he was just always a friend. not a good friend, but someone i saw regularly when i was out and about and we talked and enjoyed each other's company. when i finished school and started my career, i fell out of that whole coffee house/music scene. not purposely, but other things started to take more of my attention, and i let that old crowd sort of slip away and never said goodbye. we swapped phone numbers and when i left the hospital (my uncle is ok -- they think it was muscle spasms in his back radiating to the front of his body causing chest pain), i texted craig, and he texted back and we're going to get together one night this week and, of course, have coffee and catch up. i have no idea if we'll have anything to say to each other. but we can at least catch up. last time i saw him, i don't think he was a nurse, so I can ask him about that. and no, it's not a date. there's no attraction there on either part. he looks kind of like taylor hicks, what can i say? it's just kind of fun re-starting my life after years of living life for someone else, and now not only being back on my own, but re-discovering parts of my former life that are still here and ready for me to pick back up if i'm ready. i'm looking forward to spending time with craig. he was never a close friend, but he was a friend, and i've been kind of lonely and could use some time with a familiar face, even if it's from a former life a long time ago.


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