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so far today
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it's early in the morning and i've already accomplished the one thing i set out to do today, which is exercise. chester and i took a nice, long jog along sunset cliffs. it wasn't as pretty as it could have been, as the sky is pretty overcast, but that's typical for june -- they call it "june gloom" for a reason.

while chester may love to run because he's a dog and desperately needs any sort of exercise like that he can get, i hate it. i love to hike and play informal team sports (volleyball!) and ride my bike and get walking in while i explore around town, but i hate exercise for the sole sake of exercise. i do it to stay fit, but i really hate it. i never hit a state of flow or get in the zone like other people talk about. i have to concentrate on what i'm doing and force myself every second of the way not to quit. i wish i'd been born with a love for exercise like so many of my friends. they claim that when they're jogging or spending time at the gym (which i won't do when i live in such a beautiful place and can get my exercise outdors) they get in a zone where their minds seem to reach a state of transcendence that makes the physical work easy and seamless. i've never hit that stride. not once. the only time i enjoy exercise is when it's not for the sole purpose of exercise. so, i'm glad i got my jog in this morning and now, i can move on into the rest of the day without the dread of knowing i have to get in that jog.

i won't be doing any exercise tomorrow. tomorrow's a day for relaxing. it's father's day and so i've promised my dad i'll take him out on the bay. there's a place where we can rent a little motor boat for the afternoon, and then putter around on the bay together. dad will love that and honestly, so will long as the motor doesn't die while we're in the middle of the bay, which is what happened the last time i rented a motor boat a number of years ago with some friends on easter sunday. there were eight of us, and the boat's motor sputtered and died while we were in the middle of the bay. that was back in the days before cell phones, so we were stuck. the funny thing is, i don't remember how we got back. but i do remember going out to dinner with everyone afterward, having too many drinks, and laughing till our sides ached. it's been a long time since i've had a group of friends like that. i lost touch with that whole gang when i got involved with dave. i wonder if any of them are around. i should look them up sometime. wow, i started talking about father's day and ended up reminiscing about old friends. that was unexpected.

now that i have my one big chore for today done and over with, i'm planning to relax the rest of the day. i'll definitely do some reading. craig and i are going to dinner tonight at chef's wok in hillcrest. it's the best chinese food i've ever had, and the owner is the most wonderful gentleman. even after years of being away, the first time i went back after moving back here, he recognized me, and brought me a complimentary glass of plum wine. i thought it was so sweet that not only did he remember me after all these years, but he remembered that i always loved their plum wine. i am also no longer a full-blown vegetarian because when i go to chef's wok, i simply can't not have their honeyed walnut and shrimp dish. it's delicious. so i eat meat (shrimp) only when i go to chef's wok, and you know what? i have no guilt. i'm okay with it. i'm really looking forward to going out to dinner tonight. it's a good thing i jogged this morning, since i plan to really enjoy myself at dinner tonight.

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Sounds fun! I love Chinese, too and am just getting into the whole working out mode (I am usually a sloth-like Hope that you had a good time :)

I did! Thank you so much. :)

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