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it's been 2 months
white people can do dreds
hey gang. it seems it has been 2 months since i last logged into lj. i feel so bad that i haven't kept up with my lj friendships. life has been pretty insane. my plans to move back home in june... well, for long and complicated reasons i don't feel like typing out, those plans got bumped out, and the long and the short of it is: i've moved! i'm home! it's kind of strange, and it's really wonderful. it's liberating. i lived the last several years in honor of a dead man, and i feel like this move has helped me get past dave's death and i'm able to live for myself now. i will write more soon about what things are like now.

i really hope you're all doing well. i have to catch up on lj now, but i can't go back through 2 months worth of posts, so i feel like i'm starting over. thank you all for hanging in there with me even though i wasn't posting or reading. {{{big internet hugs}}}

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Hi there! Glad that you are back. ((hug)) :)

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