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white people can do dreds
craig's scheduled days off happened to fall over memorial day weekend, so we packed chester and our camping gear in the back of craig's truck and headed out to the salton sea for the long weekend. i have never been there. i've known all about it and seen pictures of it and movies and have flown over it multiple times, but never went there myself. we pitched our tent in an area of the desert that was well out of the flow of holiday weekend traffic, which also happened to be further than walking distance to the water, but every day we drove down to the water and horsed around down there. we did some short hikes around the desert near our campsite, as well. at night, we stayed up late reading a book together by lantern and marveling at the pitch black skies with millions of stars strung up like lanterns across the universe. we just never see stars like that in the city. we took turns reading to each other. i love that we are so comfortable together. we're back in town now and we've each gone our own ways again for a few days while he's working his long hours, although i have a feeling i'll end up texting him and asking him to come spend the night, even if all we do is sleep. i really like being with him. i think he really likes being with me.


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