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i smell so good
white people can do dreds
i've been on a perfume-buying binge lately. who am i kidding... i've been on a perfume-buying binge for most of my adult life! but it seems to have intensified lately. maybe it's because despite all of the transition in my life, i feel like i'm on the right path and i'm actually happy. when i'm happy, i like to smell good. i do it for myself.

i've been picking up a few decants and bottles lately from blooddrop. i am particularly excited for their new summer line of limited editions celebrating the sea, la mer. i wish i could afford to buy a bottle of each blend. they all sound lovely. i will have to figure out which two or three sound the best and then try those out and cross my fingers they smell good on me.

black phoenix alchemy lab remains my numero uno place of perfume indulgences. i can't stop buying fragrance from bpal. i started wearing bpal last summer, maybe a little less than a year ago, and i've been obsessed by them ever since. bpal released a line of blends inspired by and based on neil gaiman's book neverwhere, which i love. i also love some of the other neil gaiman co-branded collections bpal has, especially stardust. as for neverwhere, there's a scent named after the character "door" which smells like the most beautiful, sweet, delicious honey. and the scent named after the marquis de carabas, well, i'm going to have to buy a bottle of it for craig because it's so incredibly sexy and delicious and if craig were wearing it, i'd want to eat him up.

there are rumors that bpal is putting out a series later this fall based on the last unicorn. this is a good reminder that i need to re-read that beloved childhood novel, and also, save my money because i just know i'm going to want to buy one bottle of everything from the last unicorn line of perfume oil blends!

today, i am wearing a scent from their general catalogue line of wanderlust blends. it is called "glasgow." here is the scent description: "the rich scent of wild blackberry breezing over gentle rosy heather." it really is as lovely as it sounds.

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sounds great! I have to check these out. Lately, I have been addicted to lavender and violet for what ever reason...

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